A Master in the Making (Part 1)

Our master bedroom needs a lot of tlc.  Day one of move in we were ripping up the carpet.  I could not live one day with the carpet that was in there.  It was soiled from dogs and had holes and snags everywhere.  Not to mention - I am not sure what the original color of it was.  We lived on plywood for a few weeks while deciding on a new floor.  Day two was paint - our walls were almost a burnt orange with a nice space between the ceiling and walls where the previous owner left room for crown molding.  Sound familiar?  Several walls in our house were left like this.  
After several weeks (possibly months, I have lost track) our new floor arrived.  We purchased our flooring from Lumber Liquidators.  After a lot of searching we went with a laminate floor.  We decided on this because of our dogs and our budget.  I had the barn wood look in my head and this floor was dead on for the look I wanted.  Yes, there are many wood and tile floors out there that we could have got that are barn wood look-a-likes, but we have a budget people!  
We are pleased with the look and have gotten many compliments.  It is very easy to clean and with all the dog traffic - no scratches yet.
Ugly tile alert! Off of our bedroom we have a nice area that leads out to the back yard.  It houses another closet and Hubby is in the process of building me a vanity in this little nook.  It is tiled and leads into the bathroom. The tile will be changed when we start the master bathroom remodel.  I cannot wait to have a beautiful tile matched up right next to our new bedroom floor.

A new coat of paint can do wonders in a room.  With just new paint in every room in our house - it looks like a totally different place.  We used Benjamin Moore's Kendall Charcoal for our master.  Hubby and my dad installed all the crown molding to finish it off.

New closet doors.
Our list of master bedroom upgrades:
-crown molding
-new electrical plugs and covers
-area rug
-head board
-bench/chairs at end of bed
-closet doors/handles
-paint french doors black
-curtains on french doors
-hide TV cords
Still a lot of things to do ( I am sure the list will grow), but A TON has been completed. I am starting to love walking by our french doors in the dining room that lead to the master.  I do not cringe looking at plywood floors and burnt orange walls anymore. I am about 90% sure that I am not going to frost the doors, just hang curtains so that I can look in when it is not a mess!
I know these pictures leave a lot to be desired, but come back for Part 2 of the master bedroom reno soon!
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  1. Natalie,

    Your progress is so inspiring, and I love the colors! The floors are so pretty and so charming. And those closet doors? Love those! I haven't seen them before. :)

    Our house is in desperate need of some upgrades - and we've been here for 6+ years. But we've also got 3 messy kids and a dog and cat. We've been "hard" on the house. LOL.