DIY Delicate Rings

Another DIY, man I'm feelin' crafty!  My good friend and fellow blogger, Abby came to visit this weekend and we concluded our weekend with some Pinterest projects.  We came across a TON of good tutorials on making some little delicate, dainty rings and we decided to tackle the project.  These little babies almost didn't come to be: fingers+thin wire+small stones+VERY tacky glue = patience overload (which I CANNOT handle).  I never thought I had big hands or fingers, but geeze after doing this project I feel like I have dinosaur hands!! But, do not fear, we pushed through and actually got into a good groove after throwing the first few across the room.  We also ended up pretty much making it up as we went (sometimes that is when the best projects form) and got what we got...AWESOME new jewelry.

- 22 gauge wire
-16 gauge wire (thick)
-E-600 glue
-wire cutters, needle nose pliers (if you have jewelry making tools then use those!)
-stones of any color and size
*all items were purchased at Michael's and Hobby Lobby

1. To create the actual ring - cut about 2 inches of the 16 gauge (thicker) wire.  Then cut about 2-3 inches of the 22 gauge (thin) wire. 

2. I used a crayola marker to create the mold for the ring.  After making a circle with it- just mold it to fit whichever finger you want it on. Using the pliers I clamped the ends of the wire around each other so they would not poke.

3. The stones that I used had a tiny hole in each of them, which ended up coming in handy.  I slid the thin wire through the hole.

4. After the wire was through the hole, I then created the pattern I wanted on top of the stone.  I created an "X" in the stone pictured.  You can really get creative with this if you desire! Make sure to leave enough wire on each side to attach the stone to the ring.

5.  After some trial and error of creative patterns - start with one end and wrap it around the ring that was created.

6. Pull nice and tight and wrap the other end around the rest of the ring.

7. And there you have it - a new ring...or 10!

8.  I also created some rings without wrapping the wire around the actual band (this actually happened BEFORE I figured out that I could just make the wire longer and wrap it around the band).  I made my pattern and just tucked the wire under the stone, dabbed some glue and attached it to the band.  I leaned the ring up against the wall to let it dry.

9.  The left ring is with glue and the right ring is the wrapped wire.  I really like how they both turned out - personal preference I guess (and if you are impatient and cannot stand waiting for the glue to dry you have another choice)!

Considering the nature of my blog - OF COURSE these will reside on the vanity that Hubby built me in our master bedroom.  The vanity will be introduced shortly once I have found the perfect light to hang over it!  For right now - the vanity is housing my nail polish and headband collection.  Not to mention a few Birchbox samples scattered about.

Don't forget to head over to my good friend Abby's blog and get some fabulous fashion tips!

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