A Dining Room for Two (for now)

Hubby and I were super excited when we bought this home with a space specifically designated as a dining room.  We have been living in one bedroom apartments where we could barely fit our folding table with four chairs.  And by four chairs I mean - two chairs out with two more in the closet that only got pulled out when company was over.  Now we can easily seat 6 chairs around our table with room for more! Oh the little things in life!

But first we needed a dining room table!  I had in mind exactly what I wanted - wooden farm table. Have you ever searched for a large wooden farm table?? EXPENSIVE!!!  Hubby always says that my eyes go to the most expensive thing in the store..me? Never. Deny, Deny, Deny.   We had to come up with plan B.

There he is - Hubby - new birthday present to help with the table!

Okay Plan B - make our own.  We LOVE to DIY so this was no problem, especially because we had 2 large pieces of our actual wall lying around in the garage.  Our house has cedar plank walls under the sheetrock. Nice and sturdy (and you can ALWAYS find a stud when hanging something!) and beautiful!  At some point before we owned the house, parts of the wall had been taken out and were preserved in our garage.  We (...Hubby) cleaned them up and nailed them together - added the legs, stained it, and TADAAAA! I am sure he will argue that is was NOT that easy - but hey it was THAT easy to watch!

My parents gifted us with our beautiful green chairs from World Market (similar here).  I have a temporary plan for our folding chairs that we have placed around the table right now. I will post when those are complete!  I am searching for the perfect chairs to complete that table - I cannot decide.  I go back and forth between having Hubby build a bench for one side or not  - I like the look, but not sure how practical it is (with no back on the bench). Plentyyyy of time to decide.

This dining room was another room in our house that did not have crown molding, but had the space between the sheetrock that needed to be covered up.  We added that and painted the walls - same color as the living room.

I LOVE our old french doors that go to the master bedroom.  I had a plan all along to re-paint them and decided on black.  I like how bold the doors are now.  A real feature to the room.  They really stand out as you open the front door and enter the house.  Our next step is to add some privacy to the master bedroom.  Our thoughts are to "frost" the glass in the doors or add curtains on the bedroom side of the doors.  I am leaning towards curtains because sometimes I really like that you can view the master as you walk by the doors (only when it is clean of course). If we added curtains I could push them open when I want and close them when things are scary in there.

Our dining room for two is perfect for us right now and there is plenty of room for a (cough cough) high chair (cough cough) .....someday!

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  1. love the farm table and the black bedroom doors!! awesome!