Painting our Vinyl Floors

As promised - a little DIY info on painting our vinyl mud room (turned craft room) floors!  Also, a little eye candy for ya - Rosie Posie in all her glory.  As I mentioned in my last post - we were the proud owners of a brown vinyl or linoleum floor - I'm not really sure of the difference.  Our brown floors were faded to a lovely shade of green right by all the doors - compliments of the sun.  These floors didn't really bother me when we moved in - I knew I would be ripping them out eventually.  Well 9 months later, they were receiving an eye roll every time I walked through the room.  Determined to figure out a temporary fix - I went to Pinterest.  This and this really inspired me to give painting our floors a try.  I figured that if we messed it up too bad, we could get to covering them with new flooring at some point.  
We purchased two colors of porch paint and primer to do the job.  We matched our grey paint to the outside of our house so that we can use the same gallon to re-paint our front porch tile.  After a good cleaning, we covered the entire floor in one coat of primer.
We then (after barely letting it dry because I am impatient) covered the entire floor in one coat of our white porch paint.  We let it dry over night...torture for me, and put another coat of white the next evening.  

After both coats of white paint dried, we measured off 8 inch stripes and laid them with painter's tape. This was the tedious part, but having Hubby help me really made a difference.  Measuring and numbers make me sweat and throw things occasionally.  We painted every other stripe with our grey porch paint.  Let it dry ANOTHER night..ahhh...and then finished up with coat #2 of grey paint.
I did have a little bit of grey paint bleed under the tape.  Not enough for me to go back over anything though.  Several of the tutorials I looked at said that after you lay the tape, to go over it again completely with white paint.  It sets the tape really well.  Of course I did not do that, because we know why (time, time, time).
Overall, we are thrilled with how the floors turned out.  The craft room is a high traffic area and the paint has held up very well so far.  I have been cleaning it with my Swiffer Wet Jet and the results are great.  If not anything, we have a great temporary fix until money starts growing on trees!  
We have considered looking into staining the concrete that is underneath one day down the road.  Anyone have any experience (good or bad) with DIYing that? Let me know in the comments!
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    1. Thank you! We are really happy with the turnout - knowing it is a temporary fix!

  2. We painted a concrete floor with outdoor porch paint. We really like the look but it has scratched some and it shows dust pretty easily.