Flash back to 2011 - got married. moved to a new city. new job. new apartment. Mother of yorkie and fat cat.
Present day 2014- another new city. another new job. new HOUSE. Still Mother of yorkie and fat cat + labradoodle.

(Kyle, Murphy, Rosie, Me)
*fat cat not pictured ( Tripp step outside? I think NOT.)

Behind the blog name: Rosie Posie and Home. Rosie is my our 5 year old yorkie. She is my BABY. She has seen many apartments, cities (all in the great state of TEXAS of course), and moving trailers in her short little life. She is my sidekick and I am convinced that she will be the first dog to live FOREVER. I fear for my husband if she does not. She has crept her way into the title of this blog because she has been through every move, every new pillow, and every late night project with us. And if you get lucky - she will creep her way into some picture too!

My husband and I are finally getting settled into our first house (9 months after buying it) and we have discovered our love for DIY and interior and exterior decorating. I am excited to show off all of our hard work and share with you our future ideas and projects. We have a lot of things that are still in progress, but we are happy with our work thus far. It has been a lot of hard work, but most of all fun and satisfying to see some of the finished product. While only living here 9 months - there are already projects that we considered finished - that I am starting to tweak even more! Follow us along this journey!

P.S. - Don't tell Murphy and Tripp, they might get their feelings hurt!