A Master in the Making (Part 2)

In the past months I have been able to scratch a few more things off the the master bedroom list.  Hubby and I made a headboard for our bed.

We took a sheet of plywood and covered it with quilt batting and then the fabric of our choice.  We used a staple gun to hold everything together.  It is nice and simple.  I really like the pop of color that it adds to the bedroom.  Not to mention it adds some cushion to the back of my head while reading at night!

My doodle, Murphy, would not budge while I was trying to take pictures of our bedding.  Why should he?  He rules this house anyways.  I originally had all white bedding (which is still my favorite, but with dogs...), but recently purchased this mustard yellow quilt and shams while shopping in Fredericksburg, Texas.  It is a lot lighter for summer and I am obsessed with mustard yellow.  The grey bed skirt can really go with whatever comforter I decide to use because I usually stick to solids with the bedding color.  And my (apparently Murphy's too..) blanket with the pom poms is from a local store here in town that we found hidden behind some furniture while searching for the right color.

Mint - another one of my favorite colors.  Hubby and I remodeled this dresser a couple of years ago during our apartment living.  I couldn't paint walls, so I painted furniture!  It was originally a dark wood with no pulls.  I collected the pulls over time and this was the perfect piece for them. 


Doors have been painted black...and need a good cleaning apparently..

Looks like I will never be using the new blanket if I have to fight Murphy and Rosie for it!

Here is an updated list of to do's for the the master:

-crown molding
-new electrical plugs and covers
-area rug
-head board
-bench/chairs at end of bed
-closet doors/handles
-paint french doors black
-curtains on french doors
-hide TV cords

We are ticking right along as we can afford it.  I want my next purchase to be a large rug that I can sink my toes into while walking around in the room.  Solid, pattern, color?  What do you think?

With the summer off from work - I have started painting my kitchen cabinets.  You can look back here for my mood board on the kitchen.  I will post before and progress pictures soon.

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