American Dream Builders

Please tell me you are watching American Dream Builders on NBC on Sunday nights 8/7 pm central! If not - go to your DVR right now and set it up to record. Hubby and I are slightly obsessed with this show.  We are already avid watchers of anything on HGTV, so this is just an added bonus for us on another channel.  In a nutshell - it is another elimination show.  Two teams redesign and redecorate homes in a week and then reveal.  Judges vote...you know the drill.   I have loved every episode so far (there have only been a few, so you are not too far behind to catch up), but the episode on 4/6/14 - had my jaw dropping!  Literally - when they did the reveal I immediately turned to Hubby with my mouth hanging open.  He knew it too - he was already looking at me expecting my reaction.

Please, please, please go look at these Spanish Style homes that they remodeled on the episode that aired on 4/6/14.

Now - I will admit that I was totally smitten with Team Red's living room and kitchen (this is the part of the episode that had my mouth hanging open practically drooling).  I am a HUGE fan of rustic touches in a room.  I love airy and white decoration with touches of wood and steel.  Team Red nailed it - and also kept with the Spanish style of the home.

Some of the things that I am obsessed with in Team Red's  living room are:

- Fireplace mantel and tile
- The color palette (I feel like my living room has this color vibe to an extent)
- The glass and gold coffee table
- Furniture
- and pretty much everything else!

I LOVE the kitchen too - simply put - WHITE cabinets.  That's really all it takes to have me hooked, but everything else in there has me swooning as well.  I have intentions of painting our kitchen cabinets this summer and hopefully in time - adding a butcher block counter top.  We have already replaced some light fixtures, giving it a little bit of a rustic feel.  Here are some ideas that are swirling around in my head (especially after this episode):

Kitchen Inspiration

More swirling ideas for our fireplace remodel:

Fireplace Re-do Inspiration

Just a few ideas.  All it takes is money...anyone willing to donate out there??? Just kidding...kind of..

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