DIY Side Tables

After posting my Movie Room Inspiration and receiving our couches - I have turned it into high gear in the decorating department.  I was licking my lips and rubbing my hands together as those couches were being moved in.  The wheels were turning and Hubby was tightening his hands on the wallet.  We immediately went to Target to get the Threshold side tables I had my eye on.  Well, OF COURSE they did not have them in-store.  That is okay - I am just as good of an online shopper.  Since we struck out with the tables, we took a peek at the rugs.  I had actually been eyeing this rug for outside by the pool, but it is the size we needed in the movie room, surprisingly soft,  and it was on sale - score and SOLD! Before I could even ask if we could get it, Hubby had pulled it off the shelf and had it on top of his shoulder - that was a good sign, so I went with it. As we were walking out of the store Hubby let me know that he had two old wooden stools at work that were going to the thrown out - would I want them? UM DUH. I can always do something with those.  Before we made it to the car we had decided we were going to make our own side tables for the movie room - with the stools!  Wheels turning I tell you!

- white spray paint
-metallic gold spray paint
-Polyurethane clear coat
-sand paper
-circular saw (any type would get the job done)

1. We  Hubby used a circular saw and cut all four legs to the height we wanted (we measured another table in our living room to get the correct height)

2. Using a sander, we sanded all four legs, top and bottom of stool to get a good surface for the paint to adhere to

3. We actually spray painted the whole stool white first (Hubby thought I wanted the whole thing white and just the bottom of the legs dipped in gold) then we taped around the legs so we would not get gold all over the white and went to town with the gold paint

4. Ta- da! Removed tape and sprayed two coats of Polyurethane on top for a glossy finish (and to prevent water rings)

Now, I know it is not my Threshold table I originally wanted - but I am happy with it! The other stool is in the workshop awaiting sanding. She will join her long lost twin soon enough.

The movie room is making it's transformation as we speak and I am excited to show you the final product hopefully soon!

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  1. Love this idea!
    So cute to see Rosie in the background of one of the pictures.