I want to start - exactly where we started with this house. We bought this house rather quickly - only looking at it one time. We were pressed on time and knew we were okay with a fixer upper. The former owner had no shame and knew this house needed some work. It was listed as " As is - to finish and create your dream home". While many things had been updated (from the 1950s) there was, and is still a lot to do. We saw a diamond in the rough. This house is placed in an amazing and established neighborhood in our town. Lots of trees and space in between each house. We knew when we found a house we could afford in this neighborhood - we HAD to jump on it. And that is just what we did! She is all ours!
In the posts to come I am going to share many of our "before" pictures and "progress" pictures. We are proud of our work and design choices and know that there are many more months (probably years) of work to come. Hubby and I - as well as our parents and siblings have already put many, many hours of work into this house. It is something we have really come to enjoy and look forward to our next project. We have also established our "roles" in this renovation. Let me introduce myself (clearing of the throat)THE PROJECT CREATOR/IDEA MAKER/VISIONARY. And Hubby (another clearing of the throat) THE DOER OF ALL THINGS/HANDY MAN/CARPENTER/PLUMBER/POOL GUY/ETC. Seriously, any idea or picture I have - he can do it. This has come in very handy in our renovation and has saved us A TON of money! And by "save" I mean - I spend it on another project!! So, sit back and enjoy. Take some ideas, give me some, and leave some comments!


  1. Natalie,

    Can I just say that I'm envious of how you and your hubby together tackle and accomplish the home renos?

    My hubby and I couldn't be farther from that! When we bought our first house, I had grandiose visions of working on our house together, painting and planning, jamming to tunes as we worked into the night.

    Yea ... that didn't work out as I had planned. He fussed and hated every. single. step. and couldn't care less about crown moulding! :)

    After almost 18 years of marriage and now in our second home, I just don't even bother to bring up my creative ideas or visions of the "way it could be." I just do it. In fact, I painted my boys' room a few weeks ago all by myself (except for the "help" from my kids -- LOL). I enjoy working alone, too. But I do sometime wish my hubby and I could work together on home projects. :)

  2. We really enjoy it, I hope it continues well into our years of marriage!