Movie Room Inspiration

Movie Room Inspiration
Hubby and I have a living room that was an add-on to the back of our house.  It is a really great space to have - it just takes more furniture to make it usable!  Our one bedroom apartment cannot possibly furnish this 3 bedroom 2 bath house with 2 living rooms!  As you can see from previous posts we focused on our front living room first since it is the first room you see when you enter the house.  Also, it has the amazing windows and shutters that I love to look at everyday.  We decided that we would make that back living room into a "movie room".  It was already painted a dark color and it has a good wall that Hubby could put a projector screen on in the future.  I also recently pointed out how perfect it could be for the future- it is connected to one of our guest bedrooms that would be turned into a baby room.  I see this "movie room" slowly transformed into a play room one day! yeeeahhh! All toys in the back of the house - I think yes.

1.  Pantone Mood Indigo - I am in love with navy blue.  It goes with everything.  We have already transformed this room from a dark red to this navy blue (that is really all we have done to it in 9 months).  I love it.  We have large white baseboards and it really looks good.  Also - dark enough for the movie room!

2.  Anthropologie striped curtains - I want some sort of stripe in this room.  I am slightly obsessed, for some reason I am drawn to any type of stripe. Home decor, clothing, anything - if it has a stripe - I want it!  I have crossed paths with these curtains a few times and I like them every time.  We will see if Hubby lets me spend the $ on them or not!

3. Threshold Round Tables - Okay, I want these tables so badly! Loving metallic gold right now - and of course they go great with the navy! Clean and simple. SOLD.

4. Brown leather couch - Hubby and I have recently been gifted with 2 brown leather couches from his uncle.  We are actually receiving them this week!  So, while I am lusting over this leather couch - mine will not look exactly like this.  I am A-OK with that - they are FREE and in great shape.  A girl can dream.

5.  Jonathan Adler pillow - I have been obsessing over these alphabet pillows ever since I saw them on a Giuliana and Bill episode a few seasons back.  I promptly searched for them and thought I would be making a purchase that night - then my eyes drifted over to the price. Pump the brakes. $125 was a little steep for me to spend on one pillow.  So I sent a picture to my mother in law and she sewed us up an almost exact replica. WIN.  Now I want this red one - I shall have it. One way or another.

6. Indoor/outdoor navy rug - Our back living room has carpet, unfortunately. Let's just say that this carpet is not in "mint" condition either.  We are not in a place to completely replace it right now, so I will try to cover it as much as possible. I am not sure of the EXACT rug that I want - but this is pretty darn cute.  I am always drawn to rugs that have a lot of white - not good with dogs. So I will keep looking until the exact one jumps out at me, and it will - they always do!

I am itching to get this room going! It has been just sitting there empty and waiting to be dressed up.  I haven't really touched it yet because I was waiting for our couches.  They are arriving and my wheels are turning!  Get ready Hubby - shopping is in order!

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